Risk Assessment

What’s Lurking on Your Network

What you don’t know could end up costing you your business.

At Nwaj Tech we offer a comprehensive risk assessment and analysis of your IT infrastructure. We dig in and find all the exposed data, vulnerabilities, and opportunities.

We take it further by putting a price tag on your potentially exposed data. You’ll understand what a potential breach could cost.

When we’re done you’ll know exactly what your exposure is and what needs to be done to address the risk.

What is Your Exposure Risk?

We’ve entered many businesses and quickly uncovered risks and vulnerabilities, to the surprise of the business owners and stakeholders. Often the business has existing IT support (internal or external) that has taken a reactive approach to supporting the business.

A bigger surprise would be the bad guys finding your exposed network and data before we do. Find out what your risk of exposure is with a risk assessment.

Do you know:

  • Where all your sensitive data is?
  • If you’re fully compliant (PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, etc)?
  • If all your computers, networking equipment, and software are up to date?
  • If your access controls are secure?
  • If your employees are using weak passwords or reusing passwords?
  • If you are using unsupported hardware or software on your network?

Risk Assessment

Knowledge is Power

Learn What You Don't Know

Do you know what risks you have in your business? Do you know what it will cost your business if you are breached? 

For a limited time, we are offering our technology risk assessment (valued at $2500) for $1250. 

What Nwaj Tech will check:

  • Security Risks
  • Aging Software/Hardware
  • Cost and Efficiency Opportunities
  • Usage Opportunities
  • Storage Risks
  • Compliance Risks