Is Your Law Firm Protected?

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Your data is at risk on so many fronts. So is your Law Firm!

  • Disasters can disable access to any office location.
  • Cyber threats and ransomware can seize all of your data.
  • Employees can inadvertently (or on purpose) delete data.
  • Individuals may fail to properly back up their data or use consumer-grade backup and sharing tools.
  • Hardware and software can fail.

Blizzards, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and more happen frequently in Connecticut.  

Even more likely to occur is a ransomware attack, failed back up or failed hardware.  

What if there was a better way?  What if you could recover from data loss within minutes instead of days or weeks?  

What if that better way was also affordable to smaller law firms?  

The average billable rate for a lawyer in Connecticut is $200 with many attorneys billing at much higher rates.  If your firm has 3 lawyers and your business is down for even one day that’s a loss of nearly $5000.

Can Your Law Firm Afford to Lose Money at that Rate?

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The average cost of downtime from a single ransomware attack is an estimated $46,800!