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Nwaj Tech is a client-focused managed service provider (MSP) and IT support provider based in Central Connecticut and Tampa, FL

Our mission is to provide reliable, secure, and user-friendly technology services that enable our clients to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Technology Support | Compliance | Cyberecurity

Business Owners and Operators have enough to worry about. Why add technology and cybersecurity to the list? At Nwaj Tech, we take the stress of managing your technology off your plate so you can focus on taking care of your business. 

We Provide IT Support Including:

  • Proactive IT Solutions
  • Predictable, Fixed IT Costs
  • Modern Cloud Solutions
  • Cybersecurity – Ransomware Protection – Phishing Mitigation
  • Support for all Business Devices
  • Compliance Support for HIPAA, FINRA, Law Firms, FTC, and PCI

We are here to help our small business partners with their technology challenges.

The team at Nwaj Tech believes in a proactive and holistic technology support model.  We are a Managed Service Provider that works with clients of all sizes. 

At Nwaj Tech we:

  • Proactively monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure
  • Address problems before they interrupt your business
  • Provide cutting-edge technology solutions so your business can keep pace with the competition
  • Stay out of your way!

Let us review your existing IT (or lack of) infrastructure and we will let you know what can be improved upon. You might be surprised at what is uncovered. 

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What Separates Us?

There are lots of smart managed service providers out there so what makes us so special?  

That’s easy!  We are a client-focused, security-minded, proactive managed service provider.

Nwaj Tech:

  • Is Client Focused
  • Will Not Tech Talk You to Death
  • Provides Superior Response Times
  • Monitors Your IT Infrastructure 24/7
  • Believes in Transparency & Education
  • Is Proactive, Not Reactive

Can You Afford a Data Breach? A Ransomware Attack?

Is Your Business Cyber Secure? Let's Review It Together

managed services provider msp in Central Connecticut

The Human Element

The top 4 types of initial attack vectors are as follows:

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Phishing
  • Malicious insiders
  • Social engineering

Qualified Managed Service Providers are great at protecting your data and your systems but many of them fall short at protecting your business from the Human Element. 85% of all breaches include a human component somewhere in the process of being breached. It could be simple social engineering or a very complex scam. It could even be someone working for you.

More often than not a breach starts with a phishing attack. Phishing can occur in numerous ways and through numerous methods of communication. That’s why we put together this free ebook “11 Steps to Mitigate the Risk of Phishing”. It’s free and available by clicking here.

We don’t just provide security solutions to address the cyber threats lurking on the other side of your firewall. We provide education, training, and simulation to all stakeholders in your business. Nwaj Tech will prepare your people for the inevitable.

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Zero Trust

You may have heard some news about it. The federal government will soon require all agencies to implement Zero Trust in their environments. But what is it? And why should you include it in your business?

Zero Trust is what it sounds like. You do not trust any software, scripts, applications, etc. without reviewing its legitimacy. Everything goes through an approval process. It prevents malicious scripts and software from running on your computers and network, even if accidentally allowed by the user.

At Nwaj Tech, we have implemented Zero Trust on all of our Proactive IT clients’ systems. Nothing can execute or be installed without an approval process. This prevents ‘accidental’ malicious activities like downloading a PDF document embedded with malicious software that runs without your permission.

While others are still talking about Zero Trust, we’ve taken action to combat the ongoing cyber risks present for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

That’s just part of our security stack. Give us a call at 203.680.8151 or email to discuss.

What Nwaj Tech Does for Businesses

Our team has spent dozens of years on the front line of IT support.  During that time we learned a few things.  Primarily how to become more efficient and secure.

In the Information Technology world, there are tons of certifications, and our team has some of them.  That being said nothing takes the place of experience.

Nwaj Tech has hands-on experience with managed services, pentesting,  cyber-security and IaaS (AWS, Azure).

As a Managed Services Provider Nwaj Tech prefers proactively resolving potential issues because it means less work for us.

It’s easier to identify and correct a problem than it is to fix it after the problem brings productivity to a halt.

And let’s be honest, your business would not be too happy if there was downtime.

In a nutshell, we ensure your IT systems are secure and proactively maintained to avoid breaches and loss of downtime.

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Who We Work With

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Delivered with Professionalism & Expertise

  • Excellent service. Extremely responsive. I've referred all my colleagues to Nwaj Tech.

    Sam's Word Avatar Sam's Word
    April 20, 2022

    Scott and Nwaj Tech are fantastic. Scott has helped my law firm with tech issues at a moments notice. He is responsive, efficient, and reasonably priced. If you need tech support, this is the company to use.

    Jonathan Bechtel Avatar Jonathan Bechtel
    August 13, 2022

    Nwaj Tech has been our tech support for over 10 years. They're efficient and professional. They always take care of issues before they become bigger problems.

    Joan Kern Avatar Joan Kern
    August 13, 2022

    We have been working with Nwaj Tech for a year now. We are delighted with their work. They are very responsive, and the customer service is always pleasant. I highly recommend you use them for IT services for your business. It feels good to have reliable people to call on when in need.

    Xzavier Richardson Avatar Xzavier Richardson
    November 20, 2021
  • If I could give Scott and his team six stars, I would. Nwaj Tech is a vital business partner for our law firm. I rely heavily on Nwaj Tech to address our regular IT needs as well as our specific and intense security needs. Nwaj Tech is super responsive and always finds a solution. I highly recommend them!

    Dena Castricone Avatar Dena Castricone
    August 13, 2022

    We have been using them for technical support in our company for the past couple of years. They are always on top of things. Highly recommend them! John Argueta

    yony argueta Avatar yony argueta
    August 20, 2019

    These days good service is hard to find, but not with Nwaj Tech. Here you feel valued as a client! Great knowledgeable, timely service at a fair cost!

    Beth Stoller Avatar Beth Stoller
    April 20, 2022

    I have been working with Scott at NwajTech for several years. He is very responsive, reliable, and extremely competent. At times, I have needed his immediate attention to an issue and he has always responded quickly to my requests. I strongly recommend Scott and Nwaj Tech for any office or personal technical needs.

    Soboslai Law Office Avatar Soboslai Law Office
    August 13, 2022
  • Nwaj Tech is highly responsive and effective when issues come up. Beyond this, Nwaj Tech is also very proactive. I get regular updates (but not so frequently to be irritating), about emerging IT issues like new threats to be aware of. Highly recommend /10 out of 10.

    Jennifer Rodriguez Avatar Jennifer Rodriguez
    August 13, 2022

    Amazing service! Highly recommended!

    Arleen Claudio-Gore Avatar Arleen Claudio-Gore
    February 20, 2022
High Availability: Combining cloud infrastructure and 24/7 alerting/monitoring/maintenance means your network and devices are available when you want them to be.
24/7 Proactive Monitoring: We maintain and monitor your systems ’round the clock to ensure your infrastructure is ready to go at all times.  
Pentesting: Want to know where you’re business is most vulnerable?  We can help you determine IT and business vulnerabilities and how to resolve them.
Instant Support: Need help with something right now?  We’ve got you covered with our world class remote support.  Connect as fast as your internet connection allows us to and we’ll have you on your way quickly.
Ransomware & Phishing Mitigation: Ransomware attacks are increasing exponentially.  Even Managed Services Providers are being threatened and attacked. 

Municipalities, healthcare, law firms, and so many other businesses are big targets.  What if you were prepared?  

Focus on YOUR Business

and let Nwaj Tech focus on what we do best!

Nwaj Tech delivers top-notch technical support with world class customer service.  We don’t tech talk our clients to death or bore you with jargon.  We just ensure your IT infrastructure’s availability, efficiency, and security.  

Nwaj Tech is a managed services provider.  That means we provide proactive IT solutions. 

In doing so your technology is always up to date, secure and ready for use. 

Nwaj Tech also provides security training and information to your business so that you’re always prepared for the bad guys. 

The team at Nwaj Tech is HIPAA compliant and well-versed in legal compliance.  

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