Managed Services

IT Simplified

Let’s start by definining managed services.

Managed Services in the IT world means your computers, servers, nodes and network are proactively monitored and maintained.

There are lots of acronyms floating around in the managed services world.


to name a few.

Essentially these are all related.  Processes and procedures along with resources (technology and people) put in place to make sure a business’ IT infrastructure avoids down time and functions efficiently.

Nwaj Tech offers managed services along with relevant processes and procedures to ensure you are operational during core business hours.  You don’t have to worry about updates, hardware failures, maintenance, security or policy management because Nwaj Tech will take care of it for you.

The best part is we won’t be in the way.  Our team is unobtrusive and able to manage most of our services remotely.

If we do need to be onsite we do it at your convenience with minimal interruption to your work day.

If you need support we can take care of most items at the speed of your internet connection.  We connect remotely, fix what needs to be fixed and let you carry on with your day.

All of this is included as part of our Managed Services Package.  No office is too small or large for us.

Managed Services Benefits

Is a Managed Solution Right For You?

Here are some of the key benefits to having a managed services provider like Nwaj Tech.  In a nutshell we keep you’re systems running efficiently.


  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Security with Real Time Protection and Intrustion Prevention
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Lower Time to Resolution
  • Proactive, not Reactive 
  • Extended Life of Resources
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Managing (RMM)
  • Predictable Fixed IT Costs

monitoring servers and computers from iphone

IT monitoring and alerting

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerting 24/7/365 remotely.  We can address critical problems often before you even notice them.
  • Alerting a Nwaj Tech Support Technician of a critical problem allows us to address it quickly and efficiently.
  • Nwaj Tech is on-call 24/7

Preventative Maintenance and Patching

  • Nwaj Tech performs routine maintenance on your workstations, servers and devices to keep your technology operating at peak performance.
  • We provide patching of operating system and software as required by vendors (after testing).
  • All maintenance is done during non-production hours and remotely so we stay out of your way.
Preventative maintenance and patching
IT Status Reporting


  • Nwaj Tech will provide your business with detailed monthly reports.
  • You know what we did and why.
  • Helps your business to justify IT expenditures & resources.


  • Nwaj Tech proactively monitors for malware.  We quickly address any potential malicious content with our antimalware and antivirus protection.
  • Pentesting to identify other potential vulnerabilities before the bad guys discover them.
  • Education to decrease the possibility of the bad guys identifying a human vulnerability.
IT Security