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Your business is under attack and you may not even know it.
76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year.  The fact is your business’s biggest vulnerability is your people.  

Social Engineering comes in many forms.  They include

Is your business ready for the threat?  There are numerous mitigation steps that should be taken but do you know what they are and how to implement them?  The bad guys are working overtime and are recruiting more people all the time.

The truth is your business cannot afford to not have a Proactive IT Solution in place. Fixed costs mean you know exactly what you’re paying. Proactive IT means you never have to worry about downtime. 

We Are a HIPAA Compliant Managed IT Service Provider.  We work with all types and sizes of businesses to ensure your IT is running efficiently and securely.  

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Your Business Needs a Proactive IT Solution

Here is what Nwaj Tech’s Proactive IT can do for your business.  We are your partner in your long term success and compliance

  • Proactive Managed Malware Protection/Cybersecurity
  • Proactive Maintenance/Optimization/Monitoring of resources
  • Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Software Updates
  • Phishing & Spam Monitoring & Protection
  • Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Extended Life of Resources
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Managing (RMM)
  • 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring
  • Predictable Fixed IT Costs
  • Yearly (at minimum) Compliance and Security Audits

Managed IT service provider - Proactive IT

What is Proactive IT?

IT monitoring and alerting

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Proactive IT Monitoring and Alerting 24/7/365 remotely.  We can address critical problems often before you even notice them.
  • Alerting a Nwaj Tech Support Technician of a critical problem allows us to address it quickly and efficiently.
  • Nwaj Tech is on-call 24/7

Preventative Maintenance and Patching

  • Nwaj Tech performs routine maintenance on your workstations, servers and devices to keep your technology operating at peak performance.
  • We provide patching of operating system and software as required by vendors (after testing).
  • All maintenance is done during non-production hours and remotely so we stay out of your way.
Preventative maintenance and patching
IT Status Reporting

Proactive IT Reporting

  • Nwaj Tech will provide your business with detailed monthly reports.
  • You know what we did and why.
  • Helps your business justify IT expenditures & resources.


  • Nwaj Tech proactively monitors for malware.  We quickly address any potential malicious content with our antimalware and antivirus protection.
  • Pentesting to identify other potential vulnerabilities before the bad guys discover them.
  • Education to decrease the possibility of the bad guys identifying a human vulnerability.
IT Security

dark web data breach proactive IT

Breach Monitoring

  • Nwaj Tech’s Proactive IT also includes breach monitoring.
  • You’ll be alerted the moment your business info is involved in a breach.
  • We take action to immediately mitigate the risk to your business when a breach is identified.