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Dental Practice IT Support & HIPAA Consulting

IT Simplified

The first OCR enforcement on a dentist was in 2015.  Since then there have been several more.  In 2019 and 2020 a number of dental practices reported HIPAA breaches.  

The number of dental offices hit by ransomware attacks and other malware attacks rose 165% in 2017.

HIPAA breaches are caused by a number of things.  More often than not it is related to IT.

These are some of the top causes of HIPAA breaches.  These are all IT related.  There are many more IT-related causes of HIPAA breaches.  This is why you need qualified and experienced dental practice IT and HIPAA consulting.

If your practice IT is the hygienist’s husband or the neighbor’s kid it’s time to revisit your plan.  Dental Practice IT should not be taken lightly.  Breaches are occurring all the time and will cost your dental practice significantly more than a professional IT consultant will cost.  Don’t trust your dental office’s IT to just anyone.

Did you know if your dental practice IT consultant is not a HIPAA compliant business associate you could be on the hook for any breaches caused by your IT?  Is that a risk you’re willing to take with your patient’s protected health information?

We Specialize in Dental Practice IT

Let’s talk about how we can improve your cybersecurity posture, HIPAA compliance, and IT efficiency.

Scott Gombar, the owner of Nwaj Tech, is a member of the 405d Task Force, a federal task force with a mission to improve cybersecurity for healthcare providers of all sizes.

Your Dental Practice Needs a Proactive Solution

dental practice it support and HIPAA consulting

Don’t Leave Your Dental Practice IT to Chance

You need experienced, professional techs, not condescending nerds or overpriced geeks.

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerting 24/7/365 remotely.  We can address critical problems often before you even notice them.
  • Alerting a Nwaj Tech Support Technician of a critical problem allows us to address it quickly and efficiently.
  • Nwaj Tech is on-call 24/7

Preventative Maintenance and Patching

  • Nwaj Tech performs routine maintenance on your workstations, servers and devices to keep your technology operating at peak performance.
  • We provide patching of operating system and software as required by vendors (after testing).
  • All maintenance is done during non-production hours and remotely so we stay out of your way.


  • Nwaj Tech will provide your dental practice with detailed monthly reports.
  • You’ll know what we did and why.
  • Helps your business to justify IT expenditures & resources.


  • Nwaj Tech proactively monitors for malware.  We quickly address any potential malicious content with our antimalware and antivirus protection.
  • Pentesting to identify other potential vulnerabilities before the bad guys discover them.
  • Education to decrease the possibility of the bad guys identifying a human vulnerability.


  • Nwaj Tech is a HIPAA Compliant business associate.  We can assist your dental practice with HIPAA Compliance.
  • Don’t put your Dental Practice at risk.  Ensure compliance with a HIPAA Audit and Ongoing Managed IT Support.
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