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Proven Ransomware Mitigation | Phishing Mitigation

Ransomware Mitigation | Phishing Mitigation

You’ve probably heard all about ransomware and phishing.  It’s been all over the news over the last couple of years.

You may not know what either one of them is, or understand the implication of an attack so we’ll explain it more below.

Nwaj Tech specializes in Ransomware Mitigation and Phishing Mitigation

Ransomware attacks have more than doubled over the same time last year (2019).  To make matters worse many businesses and municipalities are choosing to pay the ransom to recover their files.

While paying the ransom might seem like the best financial decision at the time it also makes you a bigger target going forward.

Phishing attacks have also drastically increased.  Phishing attacks are often a gateway to a ransomware attack.

Almost every business has been sent phishing emails.

Nwaj Tech combats Ransomware and Phishing with innovative technology and education

The truth is no-one can 100% prevent a ransomware or phishing attack.  There are ways to significantly reduce your business’ risk.  There are also ways to significantly reduce recovery time if an attack does get through.

Together we can protect your business. Don’t take chances, take action.

My Business Needs Ransomware Mitigation

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software.  An attacker will find a way to trick the computer user into installing the malicious software

Once the ransomware is installed it encrypts files on the computer, and often anything connected to the computer (shared drives, backup drives, etc..)

The computer user will then be alerted to the attack and a demand for ransom.  The ransom request is almost always in bitcoin to avoid detection.  

Ransomware increased by 105% in the first quarter of 2019.  The ransom requests have also increased significantly.  

A few years ransomware attacks primarily targeted individuals and asked for a few hundred dollars in ransom.  

Today businesses are being attacked at an alarming rate.  Ransom requests are frequently in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes forcing the business to close its doors as was the case with this Michigan medical practice.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the act of “hooking” an email user by tricking them into doing something, usually clicking on a link.

Phishing is a form of social engineering and has been around for many years.

At one-time Phishing attacks were easily identified by poor grammar and generic email accounts.

Phishing attacks have gotten a lot more sophisticated and harder to detect.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to have the right precautions and education in place.

There are variations of Phishing including Vishing (phone calls) and Smishing (SMS).  Diligence is critical when it comes to phishing and its variants.

When a fisherman tries to catch a fish he throws something in the water that will entice the fish to bite.  When the fish bites the fisherman reels him in with his fishing pole.

That is the premise of phishing.  The attacker sends something enticing to someone (employee) hoping they will click on it.  If they click on it, the attacker reels them in.

You Can’t Afford Not to Take Action

Your business is at risk.  Not taking the proper precautions can cost you tens of thousands (or more) of dollars.  It can cost you your business.  

Ransomware and Phishing attacks are increasing exponentially.  If you don’t take action to combat the ongoing threat you are at risk.

Nwaj Tech has partnered with leading vendors to offer anomaly based malware protection, cutting edge phishing protection and education, breach monitoring and ransomware mitigation and rapid recovery.

Let Nwaj Tech perform a risk analysis of your business.  We’ll let you know what opportunities you have on your network!

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