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ProactiveIT Ep 1 How Email Can Cost Your Practice $250,000

ProactiveIT Ep 1 How Email Can Cost Your Practice $250,000

This is Episode 1 of the ProactiveIT Podcast.  On the ProactiveIT podcast we discuss the latest in technology news, Cyber Security, and compliance.

In this episode we discuss recent Cyber Security News:

  1. California School System hit with Ransomware Attack
  2. SonicWall Research Indicates that there have been 7.2 Billion Malware Attacks so far in 2019
  3. FBI Warns of MFA Vulnerability Attack On the Rise

We also discuss a lawyer who just refuses to listen to reason in regards to business continuity (or even a basic back up plan)

And we disect a recent HIPAA breach on the HIPAA wall of shame, how it may have happened based on the information available.  From that we discuss how lack of email security and education can lead to a $250,000 price tag for this incident.

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