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About Nwaj Tech | Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP)

About Nwaj Tech | Managed Service Provider (MSP)

It all began almost 20 years ago.  No, not Nwaj Tech but the seed.

It actually began before that.  Owner Scott Gombar became interested in computers while learning Basic programming in High School.

Fast forward a few years and he found himself troubleshooting terminals and dot matrix printers in warehouses or POS systems in restaurants.

In 2007 he made it official and launched TechsRUs which operated primarily as an on-site IT service provider.  TechsRUs remained in operation for 7 years and Scott still maintains several on-site clients today.

Scott’s other passion is building websites, brand recognition, and providing digital services to businesses.  This has been his focus over the last 4 years.

But he just cannot leave IT alone.  Understanding that the IT world is evolving rapidly and believing in providing top-notch customer service Scott launched Nwaj Tech.

The focus of Nwaj Tech is cloud solutions, managed IT, and pentesting/vulnerability testing.

While we can still provide some onsite if needed most of our services are provided remotely utilizing the cloud and an amazing set of tools.

Scott Gombar serves on the following committees:

  • the 405d Task Force, a federal task force created to improve cybersecurity in healthcare
  • Midstate Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Midstate Chamber of Commerce Education and Tech Committee
  • Chair of New Haven County Bar Association Cybersecurity and Tech Committee
  • NIST Privacy Work Group
  • Rotary E-Club of Global Diversity and Environment
  • Vice-President of Electric City BNI

What Does It Mean?

What Does Nwaj Mean?

Nwaj means cloud in Haitian Creole.  We chose Nwaj for a few reasons. 


First, it’s obvious..Cloud, right?

The second reason?  My wife is from Haiti.  We have two beautiful children who are obviously half Haitian.  This is my way of including them in the business..

After visiting the beautiful country of Hait and meeting so many wonderful people while I was there it was obvious to me what I should name the company.

We provide solutions and services that are cloud-based.  That means we are a proactive solutions provider.  We do this with efficiency and professionalism.  We deliver all of this with world class customer service and responsiveness.

  • Fast, Friendly Resolutions
  • Honest, Transparent Service & Billing
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Professional Experienced Techs
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Cutting Edge Technology

What’s a Managed Service Provider?

In short a managed service provider is an IT consultant that provides services using a more proactive method.  Rather than wait for something to break they manage it so it doesn’t break and runs as expected.

The old way is reactive.  The new way is proactive.  Which approach do you think works best?

Get HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is Our Jam

Since 2014, owner Scott Gombar has also worked in different capacities involving HIPAA/HITECH.  In that time Scott has become an expert on HIPAA compliance providing HIPAA consultancy to practices of all sizes.

Nwaj Tech is able to provide HIPAA and Security Audits, and baseline HIPAA Assessments.  We follow best practices as prescribed by the HHS and NIST.

If you don’t have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your current IT Consultant you are already out of HIPAA compliance.  This also means that your IT consultant is knowledgeable with compliance and regulations.  This is a potential disaster in the making.  

We provide:

  • Initial HIPAA & Security Assessments
  • Ongoing HIPAA and Security Audits
  • Training for employees
  • Mitigation based on findings of assessments and audits
  • HIPAA compliant IT and Phone Services

Client Focused MSP

It sounds cliche but we are customer service friendly.  In an age where customer service friendly businesses seem to be a dying breed Nwaj Tech prides itself on being client focused.  

We know that technology can be challenging, annoying and sometimes scary for people.  We make it as simple and secure as possible.  We want you technology to work for you, not discourage you.

We pride ourselves on our client focus:

  • Responsive – if we don’t answer your call we will call you back ASAP.  We leave you with multiple ways to contact us, and we prefer quick responses and resolutions.
  • Treat You Like Family – We’re Not Condescending Nerds or Overpriced Geeks.  We’ll talk to you like a friend or family member (maybe not that weird uncle).
  • Respectful – We know your time is valuable so we do our best not to be disruptive to your work day.  Most maintenance is done after hours.
  • Empathetic – We get it.  When something isn’t working as expected it really can be annoying and frustrating.  We’ll do our best to ease that burden.

Security Minded MSP

The cyber world is a big scary place, and you don’t even know the half of it.  We know the bad guys are good at their job.  We are good at ours too.  

We put a lot of emphasis into insuring your technology and data is protected.  What may seem like a nuisance to you is a deterrent to the bad guys.  

But we don’t stop at providing the best security.  We also believe in educating you and your employees so that everyone gets it, and everyone is on the same page.  

The team at Nwaj Tech believes that education is of the utmost importance.  Education is the best offense in the war against cyber attacks.  

Security is not optional.  It’s mandatory.

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